Film fever

I thoroughly enjoyed watching "P.S. I love" with Hilary Swank. Now I want to watch all the comedies I can lay my hands on.


Ronald Reagan

Wow! I've just read the graphic novel on him written by Andrew Helfer. I was really impressed with the illustrations. It made history so accessible for all of us that dont have the time to read lengthy biographies.


Super City

Anyone worried about the Super City should read the picture book called "All change!" by Ian Whybrow. Gives you something to think about...


Wishy Washy

The swine flu is here. If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Get the proper rest and build up your immunity if you can.


Rave Reads

So many books, so little time....

I am enjoying all the picture books and graphic biographies that I have issued to myself recently.



So far so good, most of our staff have gone for the training which was held at Glenfield Library.